Porto Fino

I find myself in the ancient city of Porto on the shores of the river Duoro. Throughout the years it was held by the Celts, the Romans, the Moors and now by the Portuguese ( I’m sure that last one is as surprising as it is fascinating hahaha). For centuries it has been a hub of industry and ship building. In fact, many scholars now believe that Porto was in fact the site of Alqualondë;

The House of the Matriarch


The summers of my youth always included a journey to Maryland.  Metro trips to the Smithsonian were mandatory and with great fondness I recall the conveyor belt burgers at the Air and Space Museum.  Memories as thick as the DC air in the summer time, fill my head as I again sleep beneath this roof. Chasing fireflies, wiffle ball games and that very unique smell of the basement in my grandparents’ house, are the strongest

It Begins


As always, the visit home was too short.  It is impossible to be back amongst one’s roots and not recall the days past.  Days before my father and grandmother passed on to whatever comes next.  No matter how many times I come home to visit, it never gets any easier to leave.  I was blessed with a wonderful family and a home filled with love. It shall be with me in these months to come.



It has been difficult for me to accept.   I have fought the reality in my heart and in my soul. My head knows the truth of course.   She and I were one and now…now she is gone. I miss her. I miss that part of a woman only a lover ever knows. A true lover, not just some fling or infatuation.   I miss the things she does, and even more so the way she