A Long Belated Post

I suppose I should explain myself.  I’m not sure how much detail I’ll extemporate but suffice to say that I was burned out on writing as everything I wrote had identical tone and theme.   Furthermore I fell into, what we in the ski-bum business referred to as, a shame spiral. Basically I wasn’t prepared for what I saw in India.  I do not to speak ill of the country or it’s people in any way

Sorry for the absence

I know I just sort of disappeared there for awhile.  I’ve been meaning to post something but the last weeks have been a rush of wilderness, boats and getting to a place a few hours before having to get back up to go the next place. I know I caused concern by dropping of the face of the earth and I apologize for that.  I’m alive and in Patagonia.  I’ll post something substantial by monday.

Indecision In The Foothills

Day 4 on the subcontinent and the haze refuses to clear. Thankfully it seems to have lost the yellow-grey tint of Delhi and Mumbai. I suppose that means it’s cleaner now. The blue sky sits above a vague, formless sea of vanilla. No sign of the mountains yet. They too are lost to the unrelenting blanket. A fellow countryman of mine and I shared a laugh over the character who, in his mind no doubt,

Storms, Cliffs And A Passage To India

Storm Eleanor just so happened to be battering the coasts of the UK and France as I crossed the English channel on New Year’s Eve.  It was the penultimate stage of my trip from Rome to the south coast of the UK and by that point ( complements in part of a canceled boat that stranded me in Calais for a bonus three hours ) I had been on the move for over 25 straight

Roman Holiday

Despite being the first film to star Audrey Hepburn, (which she incidentaly won an academy award for) Roman Holiday is without a doubt one of the sadest movies I have ever seen. That last shot of Gregory Peck walking out of the palace before stoping to take one last look back at the place he and the princess so recently occupied and shared their final moment together is perhaps the most profound of the whole