Feeling Antarctic

It’s odd being back in the civilized world.  The desolation and isolation of the frozen continent is unlike anything I’ve ever before experienced. That’s not to say that there aren’t signs of life out there. Of course there are the penguins. On land they are about as goofy as any creature could be.  But once they get in the water they can really move. Below is my favorite penguin pic from the trip.  I know

To The Ends Of The Earth Whoopee!!!

You probably be all like “Take it easy Jafar” or something.  Hahahaha I dunno.  Greetings from Ushuaia: the southern most city in Argentina.  They say it’s the southernmost city in the world but Puerto Williams, Chile, would beg to differ.  Whatever, I’m bored and have like 4 hours before I board my boat to the frozen wastes of Antarctica and am trying to avoid the typical pre-travel activity of imbibing fermented malts.  I suspect I

Patagucci Pics

Puerto Montt to Puerto Natales, mostly upon the Navimag Boat.   Spent some time in Torres Del Paine as well. These are also from TDP/Natales.  One of them has a fox and one is not Real…my math peeps should appreciate it. Finally some pictures of guanacos.  I got made fun of by the waitress in Puerto Natales when I called them guacanos by mistake.  I took a lot of pictures of them because they are

A Long Belated Post

I suppose I should explain myself.  I’m not sure how much detail I’ll extemporate but suffice to say that I was burned out on writing as everything I wrote had identical tone and theme.   Furthermore I fell into, what we in the ski-bum business referred to as, a shame spiral. Basically I wasn’t prepared for what I saw in India.  I do not to speak ill of the country or it’s people in any way

Sorry for the absence

I know I just sort of disappeared there for awhile.  I’ve been meaning to post something but the last weeks have been a rush of wilderness, boats and getting to a place a few hours before having to get back up to go the next place. I know I caused concern by dropping of the face of the earth and I apologize for that.  I’m alive and in Patagonia.  I’ll post something substantial by monday.