It’s The Little Differences

It is a well known fact that Barcelonan Marble Wolves are fiercely protective of their young.  Less well known is that they still inhabit populated areas of the city.  Long thought to have been driven to the farthest reaches of the Catalonian wilderness, their reappearance in the city is reason for celebration.  🙂 Much like certain cities in America, the cost of everything in Barcelona is considerably higher than most of the rest of the

Beating The Barcelona Blues

Between the grossly overpriced everything in this town and the Christmasy feelings bringing on the memories of the woman there are some serious blues trying to make their way into my heart right now.  So then the only two options are to either make some Bill Pullman Independence Day speech which really only works if you have an audience and is more the style of a younger version of myself, or kick out the 90’s

Tantalization and Trepidation in Tarifa

The rain in Spain may fall mainly on the plain, but today it’s unleashing itself upon the nation’s (and all of Europe’s for that matter) southern most continental point. Buckets and buckets of the stuff. After last night’s thunderstorm in Sevilla cleared, I hoped for a warm enough day to merit again bathing in the sea. Alas the wind and wet decided to hold their annual convention here in Tarifa. Thankfully the tapas here is

Sevilla – La Ciudad Sabrosa

This city has style. I dont know how else to describe it. Obviously, the cathedral (largest of the gothics and holder of Columbus’ bones), the Plaza de España and the Real Alcázar are wonderous masterpieces of their relative architectural styles. Furthermore, and in this case more extemporaneously, the mens’ fashion here is exactly what I have always been looking for. Though, to be fair, little of it is on display, outside of shop windows, at