Beneath The Sheltering Sky

In 1949 Paul Bowles’ existential novel “The Sheltering Sky” was published.  It was a favorite of the woman.  I read it and found the prose to be excellent, but the characters drove me nuts.  I couldn’t relate to any of them.  It seemed crazy to me that they would do what they did and I think I offended the ex by my proclamations of my feelings about the book.  I didn’t really come to that

The East Side Of The Atlas

One more hour, maybe more. This was about what I was expecting given that we had just stopped for a water closet visit, however it was not the answer I had hoped for. Crossing the desert always takes longer than you think it will. Once you leave he 395 and head east to Barstow; leaving the mountains behind and turning towards the Mojave; the real test begins. Every time I make that run, from Tahoe

The Mystique And The Madness Of Marrakech

One of these days I’ll find an android app that edits video clips worth a damn and I’ll make an obligatory Marrakech Express music video.  Until then you will just have to settle for the standard post ending of youtube music.  Bummer. The train ride from the coast through the desert was long, arduous and catered with overpriced water yet surprisingly inexpensive food.  I wasn’t particularly sad to see Tangier go, but I am willing

Tea, Tanjine and Tangier

Wandering around the Medina is unlike anything I have before experienced.  Tangier is a city ancient and mysterious; at least that’s how I envisioned it.  Wandering through the ancient city I feel a kinship to Theseus.  It is a winding and twisting labyrinth.  While Theseus had to face the fearsome minotaur my nemesis within the maze is the numerous yapping men trying to con me into one thing or another.  “That way is closed my