Indecision In The Foothills

Day 4 on the subcontinent and the haze refuses to clear. Thankfully it seems to have lost the yellow-grey tint of Delhi and Mumbai. I suppose that means it’s cleaner now. The blue sky sits above a vague, formless sea of vanilla. No sign of the mountains yet. They too are lost to the unrelenting blanket. A fellow countryman of mine and I shared a laugh over the character who, in his mind no doubt,

Storms, Cliffs And A Passage To India

Storm Eleanor just so happened to be battering the coasts of the UK and France as I crossed the English channel on New Year’s Eve.  It was the penultimate stage of my trip from Rome to the south coast of the UK and by that point ( complements in part of a canceled boat that stranded me in Calais for a bonus three hours ) I had been on the move for over 25 straight