Feeling Antarctic

It’s odd being back in the civilized world.  The desolation and isolation of the frozen continent is unlike anything I’ve ever before experienced. That’s not to say that there aren’t signs of life out there. Of course there are the penguins. On land they are about as goofy as any creature could be.  But once they get in the water they can really move. Below is my favorite penguin pic from the trip.  I know

To The Ends Of The Earth Whoopee!!!

You probably be all like “Take it easy Jafar” or something.  Hahahaha I dunno.  Greetings from Ushuaia: the southern most city in Argentina.  They say it’s the southernmost city in the world but Puerto Williams, Chile, would beg to differ.  Whatever, I’m bored and have like 4 hours before I board my boat to the frozen wastes of Antarctica and am trying to avoid the typical pre-travel activity of imbibing fermented malts.  I suspect I