Beating The Barcelona Blues

Beating The Barcelona Blues

Between the grossly overpriced everything in this town and the Christmasy feelings bringing on the memories of the woman there are some serious blues trying to make their way into my heart right now.  So then the only two options are to either make some Bill Pullman Independence Day speech which really only works if you have an audience and is more the style of a younger version of myself, or kick out the 90’s jams that got me through back in the day.

I will not go quietly into the night.  I will not give into despair without a fight!  I’m going to live on.  Today I celebrate my not whinging day!


Round 1 – The ulitmate breakup song.  She left her Netflix logged in and a big mess in the kitchen so this one could not be more appropriate.  It’s also one of my favorite songs going back, and it makes me feel really old to say this, over 20 years…when is Matlock on?


Good stuff verdad?  Now that we have that out of the way it’s time for a double twofer.  A pair of songs from two bands.  In my mind they represent some of the most underappreciated rock to grace the 90’s.  Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Spacehog and Pushmonkey in all of their glory.



I freaking love Spacehog. There is an obvious Bowie influence and that is never a bad thing.

Handslide is my favorite Pushmonkey song musically but, in light of having a size 17 shoe, Caught My Mind definitely relates to me in a way that few songs are able.


Now it’s time for a quick trip into Pumpkin Land

Whew!  I need a bit of a breather after rocking so hard.  HAHAHAHAHAHA let’s take this opportunity to enjoy two very beautiful pieces of street art I found in the streets of the Gothic Quarter


I think I’ll finish with a double dose of a band from Nebraska and then one more bonus track.  I saw these dudes live with Incubus and 2 Skinny J’s way back in the day in Virginia.   This song seems quite fitting lyrically and is just beautiful musically.  The second is just wicked mellow and that’s a good thing because I’m tired and it’s bedtime…and when robots grab a hold of you, you can’t break free because robots are strong and they are made of metal.

Alright. Bed time.  And what better song to fall asleep to that this.  It’s not fom the 90’s but if you’ve made it this far do you really care?  Hasta

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