Obrigado Portugal

Obrigado Portugal


The morning brings new lands…and with them a long bus ride.  But fear not yee few who doth follow this madness, for yeah I say unto thee: I am bloody excited!  New adventures await and the voyage will soon accelerate in both distance and challenge.

That is not to say, however, that I am happy to leave Portugal behind. On the contrary, this land of explorers and purveyors of the finest of fortified wines, has been a blessing to traverse.  In point of fact, I’d like to apologize to Portugal. I’m sorry you didn’t get the best of me.  These last two weeks have been wrought with sadness and I let that effect my relationship with the land of Magellan.  It was too soon, and I wasn’t ready to commit.  Now, I’m not saying that you were some meaningless rebound.  Come on Portugal, you know I got real love for you.  It’s just that some weights have yet to be lifted.  Despite that I am better for having walked upon your shores and atop your mountains.  I am fattened by your exquisite cuisine

and thinned by your exhaustive steepness.  I am wowed by your adherence to a culture rich and storied amidst a, no offense meant, often hilarious embrace of the modern english speaking world.


So fare thee well Portugal.  On this journey with many stops, you have been my first and nothing can take that away from you. Hahahahahahahaha.  In all seriousness though, I shall miss this land of rocky hills, sweeping vistas and magnificent coasts.  I shall miss the sweet tawneys and brancos, the frozen WOW of jumping into your seas in November,  the pastries com cafe, the agua com gas, and the beauty of a land unique, and majestic.  Adeus.


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