When The Surf Is Down…

When The Surf Is Down…

In their 1962 first ever single “Surfin’ ” off their debut studio album “Surfin’ Safari”, the Beach Boys claim that when the surf is down, to take its place one should partake in the the Surfer Stomp.  They went on to make the claim that it was, at the time, the latest dance craze.

If you read my previous post you will know that the surf here is indeed down and so I need something to do while I’m here.  Thus we have the following little report.

My research indicates that the Surfer’s Stomp was a recognizable dance as early as 1960.  I didn’t use any citations because I am not in school any more and quite frankly I don’t care.  You have access to the internet and, for the moment at least, it’s still protected by Title II, so if you don’t believe me go look it up.

The stomp likely originated in clubs on the West Coast to the tunes of the legendary, and he certainly was, Dick Dale.  At some point The Marketts frontman Michael Z. Gordon saw youths girating in a new fashion in Balboa, California.  Upon asking, he discovered the dance was called the Surfer’s Stomp.  So The Marketts recorded a tune by the same name and released a recording of it on their own label in 1961.  It was to become one of the band’s biggest hits and the dance it was named after appeared in film well into the middle 60’s.  Apparently, that’s what these people are doing

Meh.  I don’t know if this takes the place of witnessing 30 meter tall waves.  In point of fact I don’t even think it’s the best dance craze of the dance craze era.  Furthermore I never really understood the appeal of a dance craze.  Maybe it’s because the dance craze of my day was the Macarena.  If I had to choose though, it would be this guy doing “the bird”.






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