To The Ends Of The Earth Whoopee!!!

You probably be all like “Take it easy Jafar” or something.  Hahahaha I dunno.  Greetings from Ushuaia: the southern most city in Argentina.  They say it’s the southernmost city in the world but Puerto Williams, Chile, would beg to differ.  Whatever, I’m bored and have like 4 hours before I board my boat to the frozen wastes of Antarctica and am trying to avoid the typical pre-travel activity of imbibing fermented malts.  I suspect I

Patagucci Pics

Puerto Montt to Puerto Natales, mostly upon the Navimag Boat.   Spent some time in Torres Del Paine as well. These are also from TDP/Natales.  One of them has a fox and one is not Real…my math peeps should appreciate it. Finally some pictures of guanacos.  I got made fun of by the waitress in Puerto Natales when I called them guacanos by mistake.  I took a lot of pictures of them because they are

A Long Belated Post

I suppose I should explain myself.  I’m not sure how much detail I’ll extemporate but suffice to say that I was burned out on writing as everything I wrote had identical tone and theme.   Furthermore I fell into, what we in the ski-bum business referred to as, a shame spiral. Basically I wasn’t prepared for what I saw in India.  I do not to speak ill of the country or it’s people in any way

Sorry for the absence

I know I just sort of disappeared there for awhile.  I’ve been meaning to post something but the last weeks have been a rush of wilderness, boats and getting to a place a few hours before having to get back up to go the next place. I know I caused concern by dropping of the face of the earth and I apologize for that.  I’m alive and in Patagonia.  I’ll post something substantial by monday.

Indecision In The Foothills

Day 4 on the subcontinent and the haze refuses to clear. Thankfully it seems to have lost the yellow-grey tint of Delhi and Mumbai. I suppose that means it’s cleaner now. The blue sky sits above a vague, formless sea of vanilla. No sign of the mountains yet. They too are lost to the unrelenting blanket. A fellow countryman of mine and I shared a laugh over the character who, in his mind no doubt,